LEXSUN STANDARD JUICER LEXSUN JUICER, the best single gear cold press juicer available. Taste the difference with a LexSun Juicer juice extractor. Juices fruit, vegetables, wheat grass. Leaves a dry pulp LEXSUN ELITE JUICER

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LexSun Elite Cold Press Juice Extractors

A multi-functional extra heavy duty compact juicer that easily extracts juice from fruits, vegetables, wheat grass, barley grass, pine needles and other leafy greens. Fan cooled motor, strengthened gearbox, extended motor warranty and choice of colours.

Also makes Pasta and Noodles, grinds herbs and seasonings, makes baby food, minces meats, grinds dry coffee beans, makes desserts / ice cream from frozen fruit and much more (see below).

Not only is the LexSun Elite Juicer more reliable than most juicers - it also produces a high quality "living juice!"

LexSun Elite Mk2 cold press juicer
LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

LexSun Deluxe Mk2 cold press juicer
LexSun Deluxe Mk2 Juicer
LexSun Juicers Unique Low-Speed - only 80 RPM
LexSun Juicers Very quiet operation
LexSun Juicers Fan cooled motor
LexSun Juicers Strengthened gearbox
LexSun Juicers Extra Heavy Duty
LexSun Juicers Extended motor warranty
LexSun Juicers Cold Press / Mill-Type single gear preserves nutrient value and great taste, up to 48+ hours!
LexSun Juicers The LexSun Elite Juicer is truly a champion juicer!
LexSun Juicers The LexSun Standard Juicer is also available

"The best water in the world comes from vegetables and fruits" - Max Gerson

Quality cold press juicers!

Fully endorsed by: JUICERS AUSTRALIA™

LexSun Standard Juicer - top

LexSun Standard Juicer

LexSun Standard Juicer and accessories
LexSun Standard Juicer - ivory option
LexSun Standard Juicer and accessories
LexSun Standard Juicer - burgundy option
Differences between the LexSun Elite Juicer, LexSun Deluxe Juicer and LexSun Standard Juicer

Just juice it!

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Watch how easy the LexSun Juicer is to use
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Exclusive Features Offered by the LexSun Juicers - top
  • Quick and easy cleaning (1 1/2 minutes)
  • Simple assembly and disassembly (1/4 of a minute)
  • Extracts healthy, pure juice without hazardous chemicals
  • High yield, with damp pulp
  • Low RPM speed insures the highest nutritional value and taste
  • Living juice tastes stronger than juice from centrifugal and high rpm juicers. This is due to the preserved mineral / enzyme content of the LexSun Elite Juicer
  • Excellent for wheat-grass and all leafy greens
  • Superbly extracts juice from: carrots, pineapple, celery, parsley, spinach, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, etc.
  • Also makes frozen desserts, Smoothies, baby food, nut butters, soy milk, minced fish and meat
  • Grinds herbs and seasonings
  • Makes noodles and pasta
  • 2 kgs of carrots makes approximately 1,080 ml of pure living juice!
  • Tip: For faster juicing cut produce into a few long lengths, so they fit comfortably down the chute

Vegetable juice
Fruit juice
Vegetable mince
Meat and fish minced
Pasta and noodles
Sesame and flax seed oil
Seven Machines in One
Vegetable Juice Extractor
The LEXSUN ELITE JUICER can extract healthy juices from carrots, pineapple, celery, parsley, spinach, wheat-grass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, and many other leafy greens. It can also extract juices from aloe and pine leaves which no other existing juicers on the market have ever done before.
Fruit Juicer
The low-speed screw prevents natural flavours and high nutritional contents from being destroyed.
Seasoning Mincer / Chopper
LEXSUN chops and minces seasonings such as garlic, scallion, onion, red pepper, ginger, radish, and many others without destroying their natural flavour and nutrition.
Meat / Fish Mincer / Purees
LEXSUN can mince all kinds of meat and fish together with chopped seasonings such as garlic, pepper, and onion to easily prepare for a delicious meal.
Food Mill
LEXSUN can be used to make bread sticks, cookies, grind dry coffee beans and makes pasta from steamed rice.
Sesame Oil Extractor
LEXSUN can extract oil from sesame & flax seeds. It is a bit slow, but makes a high quality tahini from sesame. The extractor is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble for more use. It only takes 15 seconds! (This attachment. is an optional extra.)
Why the LexSun Elite Juice Extractor?
1. LEXSUN is made of F.D.A. approved poly carbonate and melamine which are semi-permanent and extremely hygienic. LEXSUN is equipped with a low-speed mill-type screw which preserves as much favour and nutritional value as possible. (Other high-speed juicers can destroy natural favour and nutritional value of vegetables and fruits)
2. The versatile LEXSUN ELITE / Food Mill has seven completely different functions:
  1) Vegetable Juice Extractor
  2) Fruit Juicer
  3) Wheat Grass Juicer
  4) Meat / Fish Mincer / Seasoning Mincer / Chopper / Puree
  5) Pasta & Noodle Maker
  6) Frozen Dessert / Ice Cream Maker
  7) Sesame Oil Extractor - makes tahini (optional extra)
3. It is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble for other functions (15 seconds to 1 minute)
4. LEXSUN has a built-in "shut-off" control to prevent overheating (should it ever occur), and can be restarted when it has cooled down. You don't need to worry about overheating!

Destruction Test of Folic Acid
*Out of 100 grams of spinach

Natural Spinach
Natural Spinach
140 µg
Extracted by LEXSUN
Natural Spinach
>130 µg
Chopped by ordinary electric mixer
Natural Spinach
36 µg

Wheat grass and Barley Juice
Wheat grass and
Barley Juice
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice
Soy Bean Juice & Tofu
Soy Bean Juice & Tofu
Vegetable Juice
Vegetable Juice
Pasta & Noodles
Pasta & Noodles

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